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Holiday Savings - Host A Potluck

Posted by Dairel Denton Posted on Nov 06 2017

Now that we’re getting close to Thanksgiving and the holiday season our budget could probably use a little help.  The holidays can have a bad effect on your otherwise healthy budget.  Not only do you have gifts to purchase, travel plans to make, but you may also have a few dinners that you’re hosting.  Dinners can be costly for those that try to do it on their own.  A great idea to cut down the cost and increase your savings is by having a potluck.

Don’t try to do everything on your own.  Ask family and friends to bring a dish.  You can have each person responsible for a separate dish so that it completes a family-sized meal.  By splitting the responsibility not only are you letting go of some holiday stress, but you’re also decreasing the financial strain hosting a dinner can put on you.

You can divide the dinner into categories: main dish, vegetable side dish, bread, other side dish, appetizer, dessert, drinks, etc.  Then everyone is responsible for that category.  You can also decide on the dishes themselves and then ask everyone to volunteer to make one.

Don’t forget the paper products – napkins, forks, glasses, and plates.  This can be added for someone to take care of, too.