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Second Opinion Service

We believe you deserve a second opinion and an expert look on your tax return, don’t you?


Dairel L. Denton, Jr. & Associates CPA, P.C. offers our second opinion service to new tax clients.  We’ve learned from years of experience that two heads are better than one.  With that thought, we know how beneficial it is to have one of our knowledgeable Certified Public Accountants look over your previously filed tax returns.  In our review, we search for anything that might have been overlooked by other tax preparer, which might mean your return was filed incorrectly.

Our CPAs will review your tax documents with you and conduct a thorough search to ensure your recent return was filed correctly.  We feel having a second set of eyes ensuring nothing was missed can end up saving our clients’ money in the long run.  Our tax experts will make sure every available tax credit is used to your advantage, which means you get the maximum refund possible or pay the least amount of any liability. 

There is a three year statute of limitations to file an amended tax return – be sure you have one of our Certified Public Accountants take a look at any of your previous tax returns to make certain you’re taken care of.  It’s important to understand once a tax return is filed, it cannot be changed; however, it can be amended.  An amendment to your tax return can help correct any errors that were committed by someone else or by yourself, if you tried to file using one of those at-home tax software programs. 

Ultimately having one of our tax professionals take a second look at your tax return can put more money in your pocket.  Contact us at (573) 686-3053 to speak with one of our Certified Public Accounts to see how our second opinion service can greatly benefit you.