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Stay Connected To Your Customers

Posted by Dairel Denton Posted on Oct 18 2017

It’s no secret that return customers are the best.  And the best way to keep your customers coming back for more is exceptional customer service.  Majority of customers who stopped buying from a particular business did so due to poor customer service, which can give off the impression that they aren’t cared about.  As a business owner, you want customers not only coming back, but giving rave reviews about you.  Customer service is key and the best way to keep those customers loyal is by communicating with them on a regular basis.  You want to remind your customers that you exist and you’re here to help them with their needs.

Here are some great ways to stay connected to your customers:

Newsletters – you can send a monthly or quarterly newsletter to your customers.  Newsletters are easy to put together and can be sent my either regular mail or by e-mail.  It’s a simple way to stay in touch.

Thank you notes – after a purchase, pop a thank you note in the mail.  Make sure you hand write it to give it the extra attention.

Thank them for referrals – there are so many businesses that never thank current customers for referrals.  That’s a shame.  Take the time to send a handwritten thank you note.  Remember they took the time to recommend you, the least you can do is thank them.

Have contests – there are so many different ways to host a contest. You can offer a grand prize, a gift certificate or a night out on the town.  Customers can be entered for every purchase they make that month, for any referrals they send your way, or for reviewing your business online.

Remember their needs – if you get a new product or service in then reach out to them if you think they can benefit.  Most customers would love the opportunity to find a solution to a problem, so help them get there.