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Top Worries for Small Business Owners

Posted by Dairel Denton Posted on Sept 26 2017


As a small business owner, you probably have hundreds of thoughts and reminders run through your mind all day.  Some are major and others are minor.  It’s vital to keep a running list of things to do nearby.  That way you won’t forget and are able to keep track of what’s most important.  A recent poll showed the three top worries for small business owners:

ONE: Taxes.  It’s important to have a tax professional in your corner.  As a small business owner you’re under pressure by the ever-changing tax laws and regulations.  By utilizing tax planning, you can avoid being unprepared during tax time.

TWO: Regulations. Many individuals are unaware of changing and new regulations; however, as a small business owner it’s your job to know. 

THREE: Poor Sales.  Consumers are unsure of how the economy will be in the future, so it’s effecting small business owners’ sales amounts.