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Eliminate Hiring Mistakes

Posted by Dairel Denton Posted on Sept 18 2017


Do you have to hire anyone for your business or for your employer?  It can be stressful.  How do you know if this person will work out?  Are they reliable, honest, and trustworthy?  Will they work hard?

It’s tough to know.  Most hiring managers make the mistake of hiring the first qualified applicant they come across.  This can lead to the misconception that there is no good employees to be found.  There is a process you should follow when hiring someone new.

Step One: Have the applicant fully complete an application.  Make sure your application covers the basic information: employment history, knowledge, skills, and reasons for leaving a previous job.  Also, have the applicant answer open-ended questions such as: name a situation that involved teamwork, how do you feel about being critique, what are your thoughts on customer service issues, and so on.  Make sure you receive written permission to contact any former employer.

Step Two: Ask your applicants to call in during a specific time before meeting in person.  By asking for a quick phone interview you can test their skills on the phone and their ability to follow directions. 

Step Three: Do your due diligence.  Run a background check, a drug screen and make sure to call their references. 

Step Four: Do face-to-face interviews with those that passed the previous steps.  Have open-ended questions ready that can really show you how they will handle specific situations. 

Step Five: Hire the most qualified applicant on a 90-day probation period.