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Online Banking Security

Posted by Meredith Rines Posted on Aug 24 2017

It’s important to keep up with current online best practices to protect your online banking access.  Here are the recommendations for those who use ACH (Automated Clearing House) for electronic transactions and wire transfers. 

ONE: Setup a dollar limit at your bank for all ACH and wire transfers

TWO: Require a second approval for all ACH and wire transfers before being processed

THREE: Require a second token number or code to be entered before sending an ACH or wire transfer

FOUR: Create templates for common ACH and wire transfer transactions

FIVE: Dedicate a computer to be used specifically for online banking and is not used to access email or other websites

SIX: Monitor your account activity throughout the day

If you have any questions to make sure your online banking is secure give your bank a call or call us at 573-686-3053.