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What To Do If You Suspect Fraud In Your Organization

Posted by Dairel Denton Posted on July 06 2017


Do you know the steps to take if you suspect fraud in your business?  Maybe you’ve spotted some behavior or changes in an employee that don’t seem to fit.  There are steps you can take if you suspect fraud within your organization.

ONE: Hire experts such as an accountant or forensic accountant to analyze your books.  They can help uncover any abnormalities within your transactions or operations.  If you aren’t sure who to hire, then speak with your accountant to see if they can help you or recommend a forensic accountant that can.

TWO: Realize that legal action may be the next step.  After you review the evidence that shows internal fraud, then litigation may be the next step you take.  Consult with your accountant and attorney on taking your case to trial.

THREE: Build in protection to prevent fraud from happening.  You need to employ a checks and balances system where someone else is reviewing employees’ reports.  Also, it’s important to encourage employees to report any suspicious behavior.  You can setup a tip hotline or other method to receive information.  Implement a corporate policy that outlines the action plan to report suspicions.