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Planning for Digital Assets

Posted by Dairel Denton Posted on June 12 2017



What exactly is a digital asset?  Well a digital asset is anything that exists online and comes with the right to use.  Such as images, multimedia files, online accounts, etc.

Here’s what to do with your digital property before you pass away

ONE: Make a list of all your digital assets, online accounts, etc. and how to access each of them.  These can include: email accounts, social media accounts, domain names, photo storage accounts, copyrighted materials, etc.

TWO: Decide what you want done with each account after you’ve passed away.  If you have any digital assets that have a monetary value then you need to instruct the executor of your estate on how to handle these assets.  Think of specific account features, such as credit card points, reward points, and so on.  Should these accounts be immediately shut down or shut down after it is redeemed?

THREE: You need to name a digital executor.  You need to be aware that in most states a Digital Executor is not a legally binding designation, but if it is known then your Executor of your Estate can name that person to handle your wishes as you laid them out.

FOUR: Make sure you store your digital assets’ information in a secure location, but also make sure it’s accessible.