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Make Sure Your Tax Guy Is A Tax Expert

Posted by Dairel Denton Posted on Apr 06 2017


Do you know your tax guy’s background?  Do they have the education, experience and qualification you want in someone preparing your tax return?  At our office we have two Certified Public Accountants that prepare and review every single return.  We take pride in knowing the latest tax law changes, utilize cutting edge software and spend time getting to know our clients. 

We’re also an Endorsed Local Provider for Dave Ramsey on tax and accounting services.  Which means we’ve made the cut to be one of Dave’s trusted advisors.  We don’t take that title lightly and work hard to earn the trust of our clients every day.

Not every office feels the same way we do.  That’s what makes us different.  Give us a call today to have a tax expert help you with this year’s income tax return.  Call us at 573-686-3053.