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Your Marital Status on Your Income Tax Return

Posted by Megan Valenzuela Posted on Feb 28 2017


Using the correct filing status is important for your tax return.  The marital status is used to determine which requirements you need, your standard deduction and eligibility for certain credits and other deductions.  The IRS has five filing statuses:

Single – unmarried, legally divorced or separated according to State law

Married Filing Jointly – couples who are legally married or if your spouse died during the year and you did not remarry

Married Filing Separately – married couples who elect to file their own separate returns.

Head of Household – unmarried or surviving spouses who have paid more than half the cost of maintaining the home for you a qualifying person

Qualifying Widow (Surviving Spouse) with Dependent Child – applies if spouse died during the previous years and you have a dependent child, you have not remarried, and you meet other conditions

Each filing status will impact your income tax return.  If you are unsure of which status to use, please contact one of our tax professionals at 573-686-3053.