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Avoid These 7 Triggers for an Audit by the IRS

Posted by Dairel Denton Posted on Feb 21 2017


Let’s be honest, going through an audit is pretty costly – to your pocket book and your time.  Here are our 7 triggers to avoid that can cause an audit by the IRS:


1) Using too many round numbers on your tax return

2) Inflating home office deductions

3) Too many losses on your Schedule C

4) Claiming Head of Household when you’re actually married

5) Failing to include income from a W2, 1099 or other form

6) Claiming the Earned Income Tax Credit when you’re not eligible

7) Disproportionately claiming high charitable deductions


At Denton & Associates we recommend having a CPA or tax professional help you file your income tax return.  Our CPAs, Dairel and Megan can make sure everything is on track and accurate on your return.  Give us a call at 573-686-3053 to schedule a meeting.