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7 Common Triggers for an Audit by the IRS

Posted by Admin Posted on Aug 03 2016


7 Common Triggers for an Audit by the IRS


Going through an audit from the IRS is not fun and it can be costly.  There are ways to avoid running the risk of getting audited.  Here’s are 7 triggers that are common:


  1. Claim Earned Income Tax Credit when you’re not eligible

  2. Inflating Home Office Deductions

  3. Claim Head of Household when you’re actually married

  4. Failing to include income, like a W2, 1099 or other form

  5. Using Too Many Round Numbers

  6. Too Many Losses on your Schedule C

  7. Claiming High Charitable Deductions Disproportionately


At Denton & Associates we recommend having a tax professional like a CPA assist you with filing your tax return.  We can help you make sure everything is on track.  Give us a call at 573-686-3053 to schedule a meeting with one of our CPAs.