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Why Use A Tax Professional?

Posted by Dairel Denton Posted on June 02 2016


Why should you use a Certified Public Accountant to file your tax return?  Why can’t you just file your own return or use one of those discounted places? 

You may think avoiding paying a professional will end up saving you money, but that’s not always the case.  The answer is in the numbers – the dollars you will end up with in your wallet.

The difference in a return prepared and filed by a tax professional compared to filing it yourself can be hundreds.  Dave Ramsey, a financial educator, motivational speaker, and author has conducted research on the topic.  According to a survey conducted by his company, the Lampo Group, Inc. they found the difference between a self-filed return and a return filed by a tax professional was between $347 to $841.

That’s a lot of money.

That difference is one that more than pays for itself by hiring a professional.  Dave Ramsey recommends America’s Tax Professionals through the Endorsed Local Provider (ELP) Program.  As one of his ELPs, we are proud to offer our expertise and knowledge to our clients. 

Give us a call at 573-686-3053 to see what a difference a tax professional can make!